Your state-of-the-art equipment, software and hardware are only as good as your employees' ability to use them effectively. If your employees are unable to efficiently use the technologies or processes, as a business your IT investments are not giving you the returns they should.

LinkTree believes that technology is an enabler of business. and that is exactly the approach we take with our education services and training programs. Our training solutions helps to maximize employee and organization potential.

Custom built training solutions to suit objectives and budgets:

By assessing your needs LinkTree IT Training Services provides efficient training for your staff to ensure improvement in productivity. Our skills assessment methodology ensures we train your employees on the skills they don't have, not repeating current knowledge.

We tailor to your organization and IT environment with our top-of-the-line instructors incorporating leading-edge products, state-of-the-art tools, and custom learning objectives- all with a focus on measurable employee performance improvement.

IT Training to Meet Your Schedules and Needs: To minimize disruption to your daily operations, we offer a range of training delivery options.

Instructor-Led Training (ILT): Known as the most effective learning method; on-site ILT is our expertise. If facilities are not available for the client, other options include LinkTree Learning Labs, or a third-party location. ILT provides all advantages that real-time, in-person learning has always offered.

Virtual Instructor Led Training: Delivered live over the Internet, offers many of the advantages of ILT, while allowing your employees the convenience of never having to leave their desks, or even the option to log on from home.

Self-paced Online Training: For the ultimate anytime and anywhere flexibility, this interactive training tool delivers technical instruction for your employees who require self-paced and non-scheduled training.

Implementing New Technology

Now is the perfect time to get your employees up to speed in new technologies. We are well known for our training intensives, or boot camps, that are able to rapidly take your employees from a beginner to ready-for-the-job status.

Choose from our extensive catalogue of courses in business process and professional development, applications, infrastructure, and communications.