Our Staffing Service utilize the expertise of our trained recruiters by reducing unnecessary interviews and ensuring a faster time to on-board. Our success in client engagements have taught us that quality is all important in this industry. Our unyielding commitment to quality and results has ensured that we are among the top 3 vendors with all the clients that we are working with.

Our approach as a local company and our access to a national pool of resources gives the advantage to our clients to hire best local talent at the shortest time to market.

LinkTree Differentiators:

  • Recruiting Program Management Office
  • Trained and Certified Internet Recruiters
  • Web-based Applicant Tracking and CRM System that integrate tools like Outlook, social networks, job boards and mobile devices
  • Recruiter on-site on-demand
  • Dedicated team of recruiters for large accounts
  • Proactive sourcing based on client requirements
  • Technology training for recruiters